Zostro is an evil alien who has green hair and skin that is as gray as concrete.He also has antennas.His powers are he can make evil scorpion and wolf like alien minions come out of the ground.Zostro has fangs.One of his powers are he is able to steal peoples energy.When he steals their energy he makes them tired' weak' and pale.He has an omnitrix belt.When he steals his opponents energy it goes to his omnitrix belt and makes him have more energy.Zostro has green eyes and his antennas can shoot out lasers that are purple lasers and if it hits an enemy of his it shocks them and knocks them unconscious.If his belt explodes the energy will go right back to the victim making them active and strong and not pale.Zostro uses his belt to steal Gwen and grandpa Max's energy.Then Ben uses the omnitrix to transform to Heatblast.Then in the final part of their battle Zostro steals Ben's parents energy.But then he had to much energy so he exploded.Then all of the energy went back to his victims.He is 34 and a half years old.Zostro married an alien named Lady Notobok.He hates fish and wants to destroy the planet Earth.He reappears in the episode the return of Zostro.Its where he comes back but he doesn't have an omnitrix belt and instead has a powerful rocket launcher that shoots lasers and energy blasts. Zostro was born on the planet Zatarga. When he was one hundred and twelve years old all of his energy was gone and he was dying. He hired someone to make a belt for him. When the belt was put on he became a 34 and a half year old alien with incredible power. The omnitrix belt keeps him alive. At the end of return of Zostro he blew up. In strange village he was resurrected and was cybernetically enhanced and known as meta Zostro. In return of Zostro he is somehow okay without his omnitrix belt.