Wraith is the 10th alien Len 10 changes to. He is a Shadwite from Anur Phaetos. Shadwites are currently a servant species of the Ectonurites. In the last 50 years there has been 38 civil wars between the Shadwites and Ectonurites. The Ectonurites have won the last 4. Shadwites are shadowy creatures that look like Ectonurites, only they always have a shadow no matter how invisible they are. Shadwites have two eyes and sunlight does not hurt them. Their main weakness is that they need to have at least a little sunlight every 24 hours. The planet Anur Phaetos north pole has light. This is where the Shadwites live. They do not have a second skin. Shadwites can live in the dark but only for 24 hours. Shadwites look identical to Ectonurites without their second skin. Shadwites are the second most feared species in the universe.