A mysterious watch that came here during a eclipse. The Uni- part comes from the word Universe. It has two spines in the front and two in the back. The two front spines fuse in to a blade. On the bottom is a laser that can cut though steel. It's owned by a boy named Al. It has a white aura.

Original Aliens:

  • Runover
  • Beastbrain
  • Yato
  • Slog
  • Apething
  • Freak
  • Reality
  • Copycat
  • Stone
  • X (Read as Muitply)

New aliens:

  • Poisin blast
  • Eletricthing
  • Formsnatcher
  • Celetial

The Unitrix features include

  1. It turns the wearer into an alien
  2. Has two spines that turn into one blade (When user is not transformed)
  3. Has a laser (When user is not transformed)
  4. Adapts to users age (infered, not known for sure.)
  5. When in human form, it increases pyshical ablities to peak human condition
  6. Unlimited energy, can change right after a transformation
  7. Gives the wearer a strong resitance to telepathy
  8. Absorb DNA of aliens
  9. Countless aliens (number of how many aliens are unknown)
  10. Customize alien area (Never used)
  11. One of the most powerful trixes in the multiverse
  12. A.I.
  13. Translate langueges
  14. Indestructiblity
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