Trixie is an African-American fifteen year old girl. She is a straight A student who excells in science. She is a orphan who had to fend for herself for several years. During those years, she made a hard shell out of witty comments. She first met Len while he was chasing Dustdevil through a shopping mall. He was turning into Update when someting went wrong and the Omnitrix let out a energy blast. The beam hit Trixie square in the head. From then on, she could turn into a Galvanic Mechomorph at will. Now her Mechomorph side has become obsessed with the Omnitrix. Where Len goes she follows at a distance. This has been a pain in the neck to Len, since she has ,on several occasions, sleepwalked and ,using her Mechomorph side, taken control of the Omnitrix.