Thunderaptor is an Deinopteran from Saurian planet. He is like a Raptor, with leather wings on its hands.


Thunderaptor is like a Velociraptor, with leather wings on his hands and a big orange crest that can open-closed on his head. He also had a thunder-shape tail, and a plate athwart from his neck into his base of tail. His inner claws is bigger than his outer claws(its same for hand or feet).


  • Thunderaptor is like a living generator, his plate, wings, and his crest can be used like a solar panel, can absorb solar light to create electricity. He can also create electric by mobilizing its joints.
  • Thunderaptor can flight with his wings.
  • After a quite full of electricity on its body, he can make a powerful blast of electricity and an electric balls from his mouth. His also can make a electric slice by sweeping his tail.


  • If he is touched water when he is charging electricity, he will strummed by his own electric.
  • If he is absorbing electricity too much, he will explode.

Sickness Effects

If he had cough, all electricity in his body become slime.