The energy stealer part 2 is the sequel to the episode The energy stealer part 1.Its where the adventure continues.Then Ben 10 happens to be in the form of Wildmutt and Gwen and Grandpa Max are laying on the ground tired and pale.Then Zostro says Ha ha ha ha haa!!You will all die!!Then grandpa Max says Rrrrgh!!Nnneed mmore energy!Then later when they battle unfortunately Wildmutt transforms back into Ben.Then Zostro tries to kill Ben but Ben was soon running.Then he picked up a baseball bat.Then he threw a baseball at Zostro but missed.Then Ben comes charging at Zostro and then hits him in the face with the Baseball bat.Then Zostro punches Ben.Then Zostro makes his minions come out of the ground.Then Ben destroys all of the minions with his baseball bat.Then Zostro headbutts Ben and knocks the weapon from his hand.He then throws him into three trashcans and then Ben has an old chocolate bar stuck to his leg and a banana peel on his head.Then the omnitrix works again and Ben turns into Heatblast.He then fights Zostro.Then Zostro throws Heatblast to the ground but got his hand burned.They happened to be fighting by Ben's house and then Ben's mom and dad Sandra and Carl come out of the house.Then Sandra says what on earth is going on here?Then Zostro steals Ben's parents energy.Then he got too much energy so he exploded.Then all of the energy went back to his victims.Zostro might return though.