The energy stealer part 1 is a fan fiction episode of Ben 10.It all starts off where Ben and Gwen and grandpa Max are at a cafe.Grandpa Max says kinda miss the alien fighting don't you Ben.Then Ben replies yeah especially when I get to turn into four arms and beat em up.Then later in the episode a spaceship arrives on Earth and Zostro comes out of the spaceship.Then he picks up an old cup from the cafe and says weak earthlings think they can beat me with that!!Ha ha ha ha ha haa how ridiculous.Then later in the episode he fights Ben 10.But at the end of the episode he steals Gwen and grandpa Max's energy making them look weak and tired and especially pale.Then the words written at the end of the episode we're to be continued.When the energy came out of them it looked like them only they were blue and glowed.It looked like they're souls.