The Demontrix is the only sucessful 'Trix' made by Vilgax.It has the ability to transform into any type of monster or alien hybrid that resembles a monster. that the wearer sees, even in drawings and pictures. Textrax stole it and rigged Vilgax's ship to explode. Unfortunately, he could only send it of the ship, because Textrax became trapped by Vilgax. The pod landed in a small alien's bedroom. The alien's name was Vladis and he was a Galaksias. The Demontrix attached himself to Vladis' left hand, appearing as a fingerless glove. Due to his species strange hobby he accumulated about 1,000 monster/alien hybrids in the Demontrix's databanks. Unknown to Vilgax when he built it, the same 'starter 10 creaters' feature was activated, but only 5 at a time. Eventually, Vilgax found Vladis, who still didn't know what the Demontrix was or how it works, and locked him in his ship's jailcell. "We will be landing on the abandoned planet of Hodon, where I shall remove the Demontrix, and it will be harmful and painful and you will die. Sucks to be you." Vilgax said before he left the jailcell. Enough tinkering and Vladis found a compartment in the Demontrix with instructions on how to use the Demontrix. "Well that's convenient." Vladis said. Vladis searched through the 5 of monsters he could trasform into. Vladis didn't know what any of them did so he just slapped the glove. "Cyc!" Vladis yelled. Cyc easily bust out of the cell. Cyc charged at Vilgax. Vilgax, being stronger and bigger, quickly beat him and threw him against a wall. Cyc transformed back into Vladis. He stood up furious. "The little Galaksias wants to play some more," Vilgax said sarcastically. "you're pathetic." Vladis angrily slapped the glove.(incase if you haven't picked on, the glove is the Demontrix.)"Phobos!" Vladis screamed. "Wow, you turned into a human. Scary." Vilgax said sarcastically. Phobos smiled evilly. His eyes glowed red.

Anyway Edit

Vladis eventually returned home, able to use all of his monsters.

Rundown of Vladis' Monsters Edit


And more to come.

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