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Every second that passed, a new watch is being made. No names to the mysterious object have been reported. Even the most talented hunters couldn't find it. This is no ordinary watch, because it grants the user the ability to shapeshift, while wearing it. Most would think of it as a myth, but reports of illegal alien supplies being used has came to conclusion that there is in fact a Galvanic watch being made. It has also been reported that the mysterious watch has sent energy surges towards every home in the planet: Ralquera, and in one instant, the Sevinetrix was sent to Home Number Tgeton Thera. It was teleported by it's creator, Drapsor, one of Azmuth's assistants. Who is a Cerebrocrustacean. It ended up under Sindor's bed. Sindor is a 13 year old Gongorian.

Severe Damage, or Extreme Power? Edit

The watch burst to under Sindor's bed and his head hit the ceiling. "Wow, how about that? Your gonna have to try harder than that to destroy King Glapsor's son you filthy Grudundians!" "How about what? And your King Glapswho's son?" A mysterious voice said. "AHH!" Sindor said. "Who's there?" " Just me, The Sevinetrix." " Sevinewho?" " Sevinetrix! Say it with me. Sevinetrix." "Where are you?" Sindor called out. " I'm under a rectangle." After searching for five minutes... "What's this on my wrist? Oh no." this isn't good." " This isn't any better for me that it is for you."

What's your problem? Edit

I don't have one. " I beg to differ! you know what? Just be quiet and don't say anything to me. I'm gonna find a way to get rid of you......" Don't bother, were stuck together..... forever. "What do you mean, together.... forever?" I mean you can't find a way to rid of me. We are bound together. Oh crap. ( me thinking)