Sequence is a Quantonian from Quanton. The Quantonians are a very powerful alien race. They are tall, with white bodies, black hands, yellow eyes. Quantonians have two personalities: themselves and their conscience. Quantonians' abilities include:

  • acquiring information about an object by touching it
  • travelling back in time to a specific event by touching an object involved with the event
  • super-strength
  • super-speed
  • the ability to read minds
  • can see a little into the future
  • can cause unlikely things to happen (probability manipulation)

In the Upsilonitrix, Sequence has three personalities: Dinmnohk, his conscience, and the Upsilonitrix. The Upsilonitrix is a boy, with infinite knowledge of the universe; and Dinmnohk's conscience is a man, he is quiet and timid, but can be loud when he needs to be.


Quantonians sometimes cannot control when they read minds. When they cannot control it, many voices are heard in their head, and some voices are more frequent or disturbing than other voices.


Quanton is a very peaceful planet. Because of their ability of time travel psychometry, most disputes are settled by going back in time and being stopped. The planet itself isn't very warm--the temperature can reach -250 degrees fahrenheit. Also, the temerature can reach well above 400 degrees.