The Omnitrix Armor is a very powerful suit that like the omnitrix allowes the user to transform into just about any form. Unlike the Omnitrix it does not require a complicated process to remove.It is made from and powered by Purified Fusion Matter and Omni-Energy Crystals.

It is made of:999 quinzillion pieces from other alien species that take the shape of a combined armor,and 2 omnitrix faceplate-like contact lenses;they have to power give energy blasts powered by Omni-Energy Crystal and Purified Fusion Matter,the contacts can shape-shift their users retina patterns in order to do stuff like bypass retinal scanners.

curent owner:Blaze "The Fire Wolf" WolfChampion


Its can absorb fusion matter and omni-energy,its was used to clean up earth after fuse was defeated and if the omnitrix blew up the armor would of absorbed the energy.

It also has recently fused with the Hero Matrix and gained all of its abilities and the Hero Matrix "H" on its right and left shoulders and its chest and back.

If wore to long the armor will fuses with its user and it has fused with Blaze "The Fire Wolf" WolfChampion and transforms them into a Infininite.