Inferno is a Ignite-Blazian from Pyros. The Pyronites are the cousins of the Ignite-Blazians. However the Ignite-Blazians are far more evolved. The entire race is muscular and tall. They have medium-sized rocks floating on their magma-lava skin. They have tails that are whiplike and long. They can:

  • fly, by aiming their fire at the ground
  • mentally create fire
  • absorb fire
  • expel fire
  • control fire
  • spontaneously combust
  • teleport in a vortex of fire

Some experienced Ignite-Blazians have the same abilities with lava. Ignite-Blazians also have super strength and enhanced agility and durability.


Inferno's powers can be temporarily dampened by small amounts of water and other substances that can extinguish fire, but larger amounts can kill him. He is also unable to touch flammable objects for more than a few seconds, otherwise he will risk burning them.


Pyros is one of the most different planets because it's a sun. Infernal plumes erupt miles into the atmosphere, and raging rivers of molten lava cut massive swaths across the fire-filled tundra. Magma based, all of its inhabitants are composed of a flame-like energy. Drawing strength and nourishment from an almost limitless power source, this world's inhabitants are in need of little else.