Iceblast is a Cryonite from Cryos planet. His species is a cousin of Pyronite, the Heatblast species.

The Origins

In a day, a giant comet (same size with the sun) passes the sun Pyros. Some of the Pyronite affected by radiation from the comet, causing changes in their bodies. The body of the Pyronite is covered by ice instead of fire. The Pyronite was manage to leave the Pyros, because the ecosystem of Pyros is cause melting of their body. So, that Pyronite called their a Cryonite, and the comet is called Cryos(Cryo means ice).


  • Iceblast can project ice from his hands, eyes, and mouth
  • He can rocket himself through the air by blasting ice from his feet, and do the same when lands.
  • He has the ability to create ice, but also absorb and stop one.
  • He can ride on a column of ice, much like a surfboard in the air.
  • He can create snowscreen in front of his opponent to make a quick escape.
  • He can also travel short distances in a vortex of ice.
  • Solid ice body – Enhanced endurance
  • Increased Strength
  • Grow ice from his body and can formed into anything he wants. He can do the same on the object that separate from his body by touching it.


  • Anything that can melting ices, if used in excess, can put him out.
  • If Iceblast's body temperature is highered too much, he will die.
  • Iceblast can't reduce his ambient body temperature, causing him to freeze whatever he touches after a short period.

Sickness Effects

  • Iceblast’s body goes through a complete reversal. His skin becomes flame color and he can control fire the same way he controls ice. This happened when he caught a cold.