Hertz is a Resonancean from Aqoustic 343. The entire species is medium-sized with dark blue skin. Their powers are:

  • they can become invisible by becoming sound waves
  • they can control their own sound waves
  • they can control sound waves, as long as they're not someone else's
  • they can travel at the speed of sound
  • they have a sonic scream
  • they can use echolocation
  • they have a sonar sense

The Resonanceans are very cut off from the rest of the universe. They are constantly moving several times faster than the speed of sound, which causes nearby objects or spaceships to explode.


Resonanceans have only two major weaknesses: they're are nearsighted and farsighted ... they're basically blind. Also, all Resonanceans cannot swim.


Aqoustic 343 is very close to Soronosia, Echo Echo's planet. Aqoustic 343 is a sound- based planet; the aliens on this planet have adapted nicely. Not only can they control sound, but they can become sound. Aqoustic 343 is smooth world ... they aren't many landforms. There is only one mountain--it is 125,395 miles high.