Felowship of the Omnitrix

The Fellowship of the Omnitrix or FOTO is a band of crazed fanatics who are obsessed with the Omnitrix. They have created several failed prototypes, but they are far from suceeding. They want to have the Omnitrix at all cost. They made one sucessful copy but it was stolen from them by Dan Hive, aka Dan 10. They have been quite a thorn in Len 10's side.


FOTO started when a old scientist first saw Ben 10 in action. He immediately decided to get it for himself. He was smarter than Vilgax, though, so he decided to watch and wait. His sons joined him and they attempted to take the Omnitrix from Ben 10,000, but were defeated easily. They added more members and tried again. Now 35 years later, they are a organization completely devoted to getting an Omnitrix any way possible.


They take on special identities when they meet so their real identities are unknown. These are the current leaders:

General Boom, a bomb expert who wants to blow the Omnitrix off the wearer. He seems to be an army man and speaks with a slight stutter. He is muscular and vain.

Professor Shakey, a extremely nervous professor who wants to trick the wearer into removing the Omnitrix. He is extremely skinly, and is called Stringbean by Boom. He and Boom do not get along.

Mr. Money, a overbearing businessman who plans to market the Omnitrix. He doesn't care how they get it. He constantly chomps on a cigar, and is overweight.