Cryptoninja is a mysterious alien whose species is created from peoples' dreams.



Cryptoninja is a tall, alien with silver metallic skin and bandages around his body and face that hang off in the wind, giving him the appearance of a ninja, which is suitable seeing as he is a half-Android, half-Ninja.


Cryptoninja can shapeshift, fly, run at superspeed, teleport, have superstrength, turn invisible, shoot fireballs, create earthquakes, create floods, create fires, create ice all over the world, create thunderstorms, see through objects, read minds, grant wishes, make thoughts reality, see into the future and past, make tornadoes, make peoples' dreams come true, make peoples' nightmares come true, control time, use the attacks of other aliens, shoot lasers, have invincibility, grow to 100 ft, shrink to 1 inch, and create infinite amount of weapons. His power is supposed to be superior of even Alien X.


Solar Eclipses tend to render him powerless.