Creeper is the sixteenth alien that Len 10 changed to. He is a Roodenite from an unnamed planet. Since Len is fourteen, Creeper is probably fifty. Creeper has not yet developed to the point in which he can speak. Creeper can "see" anywhere on the globe, by contacting a plant near to the area he wants to see. Also, Creeper is good at sneaking up on people since no one suspects a weed. His two weaknesses are he is nearly blind and he can't really comunicate well.


Roodenites, who call themselves Garots, are mentally linked with every plant on the planet they are on at that time. They start out as seeds and slowly evolve till they are 100ft tall walking talking trees. They generally live for 700 years. Roodenites ,obviously, have green skin and needs the sun. However, unlike plants Roodenites have blood and do not need roots. They have no set size or shape. They can grow multiple arms(or vines).