Introduction Edit

Biograde is the reverse of Upgrade. Instead of "upgrading" mechanical objects, it upgrades organic material. He has a w:c:ben10:Wildvine-like body with the color and stripes of w:c:ben10:Upgrade

Abilities Edit

Biograde can, as stated above, "upgrade" organic matter, much like how Upgrade would "upgrade" mechanical objects. For example, If Biograde fused with a tree, he can elongate the trees branches to an infinite length, shoot wood shards and use the branches and roots as arms and/or legs. He can also, while on an organic object, fuse with a second organic object, therefore fusing the two objects together. This fuse can be with a similar or different organic matter. He can regrow lost parts and draw water from the soil.

Weaknesses Edit

He is vulnerable to withering, so he is vulnerable heat or light-based attacks.