Ahuizotl is a mammalian alien in the Zetatrix.


Ahuizotl has the apperance of a tall, bipedal wolf with grey fur and a short snout. Additionally, he has a long tail with an extra, four fingered hand. He aslo has sharp claws, fangs, a black patch around his muzzle and yellow eyes. Ahuizotl is incredibly fast and agile and also has aquatic capabilities and is capable of holding his breath for 45 minutes.


Ahuizotl is incredibly agile, and has speed that is superior to a Human's, being capable of running at 20m/ph. He is also a capable climber, and possesses incredible strength. As well as this, he is also capable of swimming better than most Humans and can hold his breath for 45 minutes. Additionally, he also has a good sense of smell and sight. The extra arm also grants enhanced dexterity.


While strong, Ahuizotl's strength is less than several other aliens in the Zetatrix, and strong odours can disable him. Additionally, he has poor day vision, and works much better at night. Additionally, it is hard to fight off Ahuizotl's natural instincts.


Ahuizotl is a Lupin Lutrinae of the rainforest world of Xemoic. Although previously as advanced as most alien species, an asteroid collision devastated the planet, resulting in most of the inhabitants being forced to live in the ruins of their former cities, or adopt nomadic lifestyles. Technology is scare, but what little availabe there is is often used to gain power. The species considers eyes to be delicacies.

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